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3 Things to Know About Hiring a Caregiver

Are you or a loved on looking for a caregiver? The task may seem intimidating at first, but there’s nothing to worry about if you take the proper steps.

1. What kind of caregiving?

In-home care can mean a variety of things. The first step is to figure out the type of tasks that the caregiver will be helping with. Some only require help with duties like housekeeping, while others might need help running an errand or making it to appointments.

Beyond that, some may need assistance with their everyday activities such as moving around the house or changing clothes. The next step up would be someone who can administer medications or care for wounds. Finding the right caregiver starts with identifying the tasks that will need to be done.

2. In-Home care costs

Depending on the level of help that your loved one needs, in-home care can be expensive. If they have savings or assets, you may be able to use these to help cover the costs.

Ideally, they would have a form of long-term care insurance. If not, health insurance policies, Medicare, or Medicaid, might help cover the costs if they are determined to be medically necessary.

3. Finding a caregiver

The first thing you’ll want to determine is whether you want to hire independently or go through an agency. An agency is likely to be more expensive but is also probably much more convenient and less work for you. They will take care of things like paperwork, taxes, and payroll.

If you choose to hire someone on your own, you might be able to find a recommendation through friends, medical staff, or your local senior citizens organization. Depending on the duties they will have, make sure that the person you hire has the proper license (home health aide, CNA, LVN). You should do a background check and ask for references. Decide ahead of time whether you want to pay the caregiver as an employee or a contractor.

It’s important to involve everyone in the hiring process. It’s important to make sure that the one receiving the care is comfortable with the choice, but other family might have concerns as well. Even if you have been the primary caregiver, they may want a chance to meet the potential caregivers.

Hannah Verret
Hannah Verret is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros in Memphis, TN. Hannah has been working in content creation throughout her entire adult career. When Hannah isn't writing or organizing social media posts, she's spending her time reading and loving on her many pets.

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