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5 Tips for Talking to Your Parent about a Medical Alert System

Do you want to broach the subject of getting your loved one a medical alert system but don’t know where to begin?

Falls are one of the largest causes of injuries in the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 800,000 Americans are hospitalized each year due to a fall injury. Having a medical alert device in place will ease you and your loved ones’ minds in case falls or other emergencies occur.

Devices today even have a fall detection option where the device can tell if you have fallen and immediately contact emergency responders and loved ones for help.

Do you need a medical alert device?

If your loved one has fallen recently, has undergone changes in health, has balance problems, is forgetful, has hearing or vision loss, or has dementia, a medical alert system is a very smart choice.

In addition, if there are lots of hazards in the home, such as steps that need repairing or clutter that could cause a fall, then a medical alert device is a must.

Tips on talking to your parent

Here are some tips on bringing up the subject with your parent, especially if you think they might be resistant to the idea.

  • Focus on how the medical alert system with help them stay in their own home. Independence is key. Your parent wants to remain independent, and a medical alert system will allow them to do that. The alert device puts your parent in control of when he or she calls for help.
  • Say that it would help you feel better. Put the onus on you, so that they don’t feel they’re being targeted. Tell them it would ease your mind for them to have a medical alert system in place.
  • Let them know that a cell phone is not good enough. When someone has fallen and become incapacitated, they probably won’t be able to make a call on their cell phone. In contrast, with a medical alert device, they can easily push the button that they wear on their wrist, belt, or neck pendant.
  • Bring in someone to help. It may be good to bring in a doctor, another family member, or other authority figure to make sure you get your point across in a kind but firm manner.
  • Let them know how it will work. Walk your parent through the simple setup, and let them know that even if they accidentally press the emergency button, there’s no harm done. Outline the monthly costs and let them know that it’s a good investment for assurance of safety and health.

These five tips should help you when beginning the discussion with your parent about getting a medical alert system. When talking to your parent, don’t talk down to them or let anger or frustration take over. Speak respectfully and with care. Let them know that you want the best for them, and you’ll be on your way to increased safety and peace of mind.

Joan Biddle
Joan Biddle is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros. With nearly 20 years of editing, research and writing experience, Joan crafts detailed, reliable articles that help people navigate complicated topics. She enjoys movies, reading, poetry and art.

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