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nurse helping patient, man loading dishwasher; senior living

Senior Living: Making the Choice Between Assisted and Independent Living

As you and your loved ones age, you may find it beneficial to move into a senior living community. There are two types of senior living: independent living and assisted living. Independent living Independent living communities are places where seniors

May 23, 2019

senior exercises for balance, senior core exercises, senior exercises

10 Exercises for Seniors to Maintain Balance

Falls can be a major problem as one ages. Falling is a leading cause of hospitalizations, with three million older people entering emergency rooms for falls each year. Often, a fall can lead to a hospital stay, subsequent falls, a

May 15, 2019

assistive technology services, assistive technology, medical alert systems

Assistive Technology Devices: What are the Options?

Assistive technology can help people with the activities of daily life. There is a whole range of assistive technology services one can use to help them with learning, bathing, walking, and more. Assistive technology services are good for: People with

May 8, 2019

aging in place, smart homes for elderly, aging in place products, smart home technology

Aging in Place: The Technology You Need

With new advances in technology, more seniors are able to age in place. So what is aging in place? The term refers to remaining in the comfort of your home as you age, rather than moving into a nursing home

May 1, 2019

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