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hands holding medical alert device; 10 medical alert device features

10 Must-Have Medical Alert Device Features

About 96 percent of seniors report that they want to live in their homes as long as possible. A medical alert system can allow you to keep your independence while staying safe. Knowing which features are important to you can

February 4, 2019

med alert system apple watch

An Apple Watch 4 or a Medical Alert Device: Making a Choice

More and more medical alert companies are embracing evolving trends in technology in order to help seniors stay on top of their health. The latest companies to embrace medical alert devices such as smartwatch and smartphone options include GreatCall, Medical

December 13, 2018

Medical alert pendant | blog article

Tips on How to Choose a Medical Alert System

The task of finding the right medical alert system can seem intimidating to someone who has never owned one before. The key is to do you research and know what is the most important to you. Home-Based VS. Mobile System

December 5, 2018

Aging Well | blog article

Are Antioxidants the Answer to Healthy Aging?

Denman Harmon discovered in the 1960’s that healthy aging should be focused on the mitochondrial damage. He found that mitochondrial damage and dysfunction was the direct result of free radical exposure. Hence, his theory called the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging.

December 5, 2018

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