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Safety Features

Fall Detection

With automatic fall detection, emergency help will be alerted as soon as a fall is sensed. You won’t have to do a thing.


Mobile medical alerts are wearable devices that include all the features of a home system, so you can be sure to be protected on the go.


With GPS tracking, emergency responders and loved ones can find you even if you get lost.

Who’s at Risk?

History of Falls

If you have fallen in the last 12 months, you may be at high risk for future falls.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, COPD, and high blood pressure can lead to difficulty getting around and a greater risk of falls.

Mental Health

Depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s can all heighten fall risk due to mobility problems, confusion, and difficulty processing information.


People who take more than four medications at a time are at risk for complications, such as dizziness, lack of balance, and falling.

Home Hazards

Stairs, bathtubs, rugs, and many other in home items can cause added risk for falls.

Living Alone

Home hazards as well as loneliness and malnutrition can lead to increased fall risks.