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How to Have Fun and Be Productive While Staying at Home

When we have been cooped up in the house for a long time and unable to connect with others, it can be hard to stay positive. It can be especially hard for seniors to lose their sense of purpose or usefulness, not to mention the difficulty of being away from human contact and touch. 

Side effects of loneliness

While loneliness is bad enough on its own, over time it can lead to other serious health complications. Around 43 percent of seniors report that they often feel lonely. Seniors who report feeling lonely have a 45 greater mortality risk.

Older adults who are isolated have a 59 percent greater risk of physical and cognitive decline. Isolation and loneliness are also correlated with a greater risk of arthritis, depression, impaired mobility, and chronic diseases of the lungs. Seniors who are lonely and isolated are more likely to need home health care or to enter a nursing home.

With these statistics, it’s important to know there are lots of fun ways to stay active and intellectually engaged even while stuck at home. Take advantage of enjoyable activities each day, and congratulate yourself for making time for connection and stimulation.   

We’ve gathered some ways for you to stay active, connected, and useful even if you are stuck at home. 

Fun ways to stay busy

  1. Video chat. Connect with loved ones over video apps like FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. We know that these methods of technology can sometimes leave you feeling cold and disconnected. Still, they are a quick and easy way to talk with old friends or loved ones when you can. Your friends want to see your face as much as you want to see theirs! You can even help out struggling young parents by “babysitting” via FaceTime, reading with their kids, or teaching their kids a new skill. 
  2. Read! Read e-books or listen to audiobooks through Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, or Audible. At Open Culture, you can download free ebooks including classics by Jane Austen and Shakespeare. 
  3. Go to the opera. Stream operas or concerts from around the world from your computer. You can find the most amazing productions online on YouTube, from famous musicals to movies to great concerts by your favorite bands. Facebook Live features live performances by artists as well. 
  4. Get your dose of culture. Visit museums online. Many museums around the world are offering virtual tours of their spaces during the pandemic. Check out virtual museum tours from The Met, The J. Paul Getty Museum, and The British Museum.
  5. Play a game. Get your mind off of daily stress by playing games online such as bridge, chess, Sudoku, Jeopardy!, online crossword puzzles, Words with Friends and more. 
  6. Sit back and watch. Stream your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. These streaming services offer a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries from all time periods. 

Ways to be useful and productive

  1. Make masks. Local and international groups are looking for people who can make homemade masks. Or, start your own local business where you sew masks and sell them or donate them. Soon, schools will be needing extra masks, as well as other places of business that are going back to work.
  2. Become bilingual. Learn a new language or brush up old skills with the Memrise or Duolingo app. WordReference is a great online dictionary for a quick look-up of words in another language. 
  3. Help out. Find a job or volunteer opportunity where you can work remotely from your computer.
  4. Cook and bake. Get creative and make meals for neighbors or loved ones. Surprise them by dropping off a tasty treat.  
  5. Create. Make art and relieve stress with adult coloring books. Decorate your space with your new artwork, or send it to others as a gift or note. Use clay, watercolors, or pastels to make a new creation or simply practice. 
  6. Watch and discuss. Watch an interesting movie or documentary and write a review of it on IMDb or your own personal blog
  7. Meditate. Download the InsightTimer app or the Calm app and meditate each day. Take deep breaths and center yourself for greater clarity and peace. Meditation will help you meet your day with more energy, clarity, and purpose. Follow author and speaker Tara Brach on Facebook for free meditation sessions each week. 
  8. Take an online class. Visit local or national resources to find virtual classes that might interest you. You can gain knowledge on your favorite subject, or hone a new skill you’ve been wanting to learn.  
  9. Knit! Use your time to learn how to knit and make soft creations like blankets, hats, mittens, and even stuffed animals that people can use and wear.
  10. Sell your stuff. Sell things you don’t need anymore on eBay. Or browse eBay for items that inspire you.  
  11. Get moving. Visit YouTube and other resources to find exercise programs that you can follow along with. There are exercises you can do with a chair, and others you can do on the floor. 

Medical alert systems

When you are staying at home, especially if you are alone or have a disability, it’s crucial to have a medical alert system in place. These days there are many options for medical alert devices that ensure you are safe while performing daily activities. 

Explore our site to see which features you’d prefer in a medical alert system. You can use an at-home landline system or even a mobile device that you have on you at all times. If you should fall, the system will automatically call for help so that you won’t be left alone. 

While you’re keeping yourself busy by being creative at home, make sure you are covered. A medical alert system will grant you the peace of mind to expand your horizons, have fun, be useful, and stay occupied while at home.

Joan Biddle
Joan Biddle is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros. With nearly 20 years of editing, research and writing experience, Joan crafts detailed, reliable articles that help people navigate complicated topics. She enjoys movies, reading, poetry and art.

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