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Life Alert: The Brand that Started Medical Alert Systems

When you think of medical alert systems, you might first think of Life Alert, the brand that became famous in 1987 with the commercial tagline “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” Since then, Life Alert and other bands of medical alert systems have become more advanced and able to help with all sorts of aspects of emergency medical assistance. Today, Life Alert even offers a smartphone app, which can also serve as a medical alert device, and other high-tech features that keep people safe.

Life Alert was originally founded in 1987 by Isaac and Miri Shepher, together with two minor partners, Zohar Loshitzer and Arik Amir.

In 2007, the infamous Life Alert commercial ranked #1 on the list of most memorable commercials of the past 25 years in USA Today.

Life Alert was the brand that paved the way for the rest of the medical alert brands you see today. They were a pioneer that came up with the idea of finding ways to help people with mobility problems get immediate help when they need it.

Changes in Technology

But much has changed over the years. Technology has become more advanced. In addition, help buttons have become much smaller and more discreet over the years. They don’t look like the one in that original Life Alert commercial!  While still easy to access and push, these buttons aren’t as bulky and noticeable. Now, help buttons are waterproof, and can be worn on a pendant or a wristband.

Life Alert still makes medical alert systems, with their headquarters  in Encino, CA, and other offices in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. They own and operate their own emergency monitoring center, which is located in Encino.

They serve over 150,000 customers and help out with over 12,000 life-threatening emergencies each year. They have over 600 employees. With higher costs than other brands and a 3-year contract, they may not be the top choice in med alert brands nowadays, unless you want to go with them based on the name.

Life Alert Alternatives

If you’re looking for other medical alert system options, some top alternatives to Life Alert include:

  • Medical Alert
    • A brand of Connect America, Medical Alert is a trusted provider of medical alert systems sold at CVS pharmacies nationwide.
  • MobileHelp
    • MobileHelp serves customers between 19 and 110 years old. They feature fixed, affordable rates and reliable technology to keep you safe and independent in your home as you age.
  • Medical Guardian
    • Medical Guardian values customers above all else and provides seniors with the ability to live safely at home as they age.
  • Bay Alarm
    • With no long-term contracts and top ratings in customer service, Bay Alarm Medical is a smart choice for a medical alert system.
  • Philips Lifeline (currently the largest medical alert provider in America)
    • Philips was the first company to provide seniors with medical alert systems in their homes. They offer constant and immediate support with a live person when you need it.
  • Alert1
    • In business since 1988, Alert1 offers trusty medical alert devices with friendly customer service.
  • Great Call
    • Established in 2006, GreatCall aims to provide accessible technology and services to keep seniors safe in their homes. With some of the fastest response times of any medical alert provider, you’re never far from getting the help you need.
  • LifeFone
    • LifeFone has provided reliable medical alert technology since 1976. They are committed to excellent customer service and a “personal” response.
  • ADT Health
    • Offered by the largest home security company in the world, ADT Medical Alert features fixed rates and reliable med alert technology.
  • LifeStation
    • LifeStation is a top-of-the-line medical alert system provider that offers luxury features and competitive pricing.

Fast Facts about Life Alert

  • They design and invent their own equipment.
  • They were the first personal emergency response company to use 4G LTE.
  • From 1992 until 2013, former U.S. Surgeon General Everett Koop endorsed the product in their commercials.
  • Life Alert first used the famous slogan, “I’ve fallen andI can’t get up!” in a commercial in 1987.
  • Trademarked the slogan, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” in 2002.
  • Trademarked the slogan, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” in 2007.
  • Licensed their slogan to Hallmark in 2006, which used a recording of it in greeting cards.
  • A 2004 Nielsen study found that 87% of Life Alert customers say that Life Alert is a main factor in their decision to continue living at home.

Want to know more about med alert systems? Med alerts are not just for seniors. They can be beneficial to people of any age. Check out our blog or peruse the features and healthcare conditions sections of our site to learn more.

Joan Biddle
Joan Biddle
Joan Biddle is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros. With nearly 20 years of editing, research and writing experience, Joan crafts detailed, reliable articles that help people navigate complicated topics. She enjoys movies, reading, poetry and art.

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