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How to Use Your Medical Alert System

Are you looking into a med alert system and want to know more? Here we outline the basics of using and installing a system, plus the main benefits of a med alert system.

How to use your medical alert system

Using a medical alert system is a simple process. Whether you live at home or in an assisted living facility, a medical alert system is a great addition to your life for security, peace, and safety 24 hours a day.

With most medical alert systems, you simply need to press the button in the case of an emergency. Next, an emergency responder will answer you via the two-way speaker in your device. They will ask you if you are okay and what kind of help you might need.

You can choose whether to receive emergency help or whether you want a family member or friend to come. If for any reason you can’t talk, they will try to call your phone. If they cannot reach you, emergency help will be dispatched immediately.

While you are waiting for help to arrive, your emergency responder will stay on the line with you so that you will never feel alone. In addition to notifying 911, the response center will contact family members and loved ones that you specified to call when you set up your system.  

Emergency contacts

When you purchase your system, you’ll choose a circle of friends and family that should be called in case of emergency. Most companies allow you to include four or five people. When choosing, think carefully about who you want to add. Consider proximity and how easily they’d be able to get to you if needed. Make sure to inform the people you choose that they’re on your emergency contacts list. Let them know how to get into your home and what you want them to do in case of an emergency.  

Your help button

Your help button should always be within reach. There will be a button on your home device, which will be installed in a convenient location in your home that you can easily access. Additional wall buttons can be purchased to install at various locations throughout your home. Additionally, most systems come with a wearable pendant or wristband that also has a button on it.

If you wish, you can purchase a mobile system with a help button that you can use wherever you go.

Don’t worry about false alarms or accidentally pressing your help button. If there is a false alarm, simply tell the responder that it was an accident.

How to order a medical alert system

Browse the different types of systems and the brands to see which one might be right for you. Narrow it down to a few brands, and then contact them for a brochure with more information. Ordering and installing a med alert system us usually a very simple process.

Features to consider

Here are some of the choices you might want to consider:

  • Fall detection. If you want extra safety and protection, opt for a system with fall detection. Most systems offer fall detection as an add-on feature at extra cost. This advanced, wearable technology senses if you fall, and automatically contacts the 24/7 emergency response center. Fall detection is available on home systems and mobile systems.
  • Mobile med alerts. Do you want to have protection no matter where you go? It’s a smart choice to go with a mobile med alert system. You can get a mobile system by itself or along with a home system. With built-in two-way speaker and GPS, you’ll have all the help you need on the go.
  • GPS tracking. GPS tracking for seniors can track your location no matter where you go. Even if you’re not sure where you are, emergency help will be able to find you. Give loved ones peace of mind with GPS technology.

Testing your system

It is advised that you test your system at least once a month to ensure it’s working properly. Simply press the button and let the responder know you are doing a test. Some systems come with automatic monthly testing, so you won’t have to manually test each month.


Most home systems are very easy to install: simply plug into the wall and into your phone jack. For cellular-based home systems, you won’t need to plug into a phone jack. Press your help button to activate the system. When someone answers, simply tell them you are setting up your system. Refer to your specific model’s manual for exact instructions.

For mobile systems, simply plug the charging station into an electrical outlet. Plug your pendant into the charging station. Activate by pressing the help button; simply tell the responder you are setting up your system. Refer to your mobile system’s manual for specific instructions.

Optional features

Many companies offer other optional features that you may want to add. These include:

  • Additional wall buttons
  • Additional wristbands
  • Lockbox with emergency access code
  • Spouse coverage
  • Medication reminders
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • U.S.-based call centers
  • Multiple call centers
  • Long range coverage
  • Muli-lingual support
  • Smartwatch
  • Smartphone
  • In-car medical device

If you desire any of these benefits, make sure to read up on the device you choose or request these features when you call.

Benefits of a medical alert system

Now that you know the ins and outs of using and installing your system, let’s look at the top benefits a medical alert system will provide you.

  1. Around-the-clock monitoring. The benefit of a monitored medical alert system is the peace of mind of having someone on call at all hours of the day and night should an emergency occur.
  2. Cost. When you compare the cost of a med alert system to that of living in a nursing home or having round-the-clock in-home care, the affordability is clear. A medical alert system is a safe and cost-effective choice.
  3. Independence. With a med alert system, you’ll retain your independence and be able to stay in your home, where your life and your memories are. You can still do things like work in your garden, have friends over, and spend time  with your grandkids.
  4. Ease of use. Today’s med alert systems are easy to set up and use. You won’t have to grapple with complicated technology. With the press of a button, you’ll be good to go.
  5. Advanced features. The features of today’s med alert systems will keep you safe and make your life a lot easier. From fall detection to GPS tracking for seniors to medication reminders, medical alert systems have come a long way and offer state-of-the-art protection.
  6. Peace of mind. With a reliable medical alert system in place, you and your loved ones will no longer worry about what will happen if you fall. You’ll be able to go about your day as your normally would, without anxiety.

A medical alert system is a life-changing and life-saving choice. Take the time to look through the options on our site and compare the brands. You’ll be on your way to 24-hour safety in no time.

Joan Biddle
Joan Biddle
Joan Biddle is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros. With nearly 20 years of editing, research and writing experience, Joan crafts detailed, reliable articles that help people navigate complicated topics. She enjoys movies, reading, poetry and art.

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