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Modern Medical Alert Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Medical alert systems are evolving more every day to keep up with their clients. Medical alert systems are not just a single inconvenient button on the other side of the room any longer. There are much more modern takes on medical alerts, from assistance in the car to incredibly accurate fall detection. You can have the help of medical alert systems in your pocket, on your smartphone, or even on your watch. You can customize your medical alert packages according to exactly what you need and here’s how.

Automatic fall detection

Bay Alarm Medical’s automatic fall detection is triggered when there’s sudden downward movement followed immediately by no movement at all. Lack of movement tells the sensor that a fall has occurred and that the user is immobilized and can’t physically push a button. Always push the button if you’re physically able to do so. It is always better to be safe than sorry by pressing the button even if an auto fall alarm is triggered.

Philips Lifeline has designed an AutoAlert to detect falls accurately and connect seniors to help in an instant. They have studied tens of thousands of hours of senior movements and activity to understand falls. AutoAlert is one of the best additions to a medical alert system, and it is the most-proven fall detection technology in the U.S. today. 

Unlike other companies’ fall detection, Philips Lifeline uses three technologies to detect a true fall: accelerometers (which are sensors that measure a high acceleration force when a fall occurs), barometric sensors (which are highly sensitive sensors that can detect a very small change in barometric pressure such as one from a standing position to laying on the floor), and a finely tuned algorithm (which differentiates between a true fall and a false alarm).


GreatCall is a company that specializes in specific medical alert/cell phone devices. The cell phones operate as medical alert devices that have to be attached to one of the company’s data plans. This can be convenient for seniors who want to bundle their cell phone and medical alert system.

Medical Alert’s Mobile app, Medical Alert Connect, is a fast and easy way to keep an eye on all the Medical Alert subscribers in your care. This app makes it possible to check and monitor multiple user profiles connected to your account. Users will receive instant push notifications letting you know when a subscriber is using a device. There is 24/7 instant connectivity with this mobile app, whether it’s an actual emergency or a test. 


Bay Alarm Medical has lightweight and accessible handheld devices with GPS features. These GPS devices are powered by AT&T’s AG LTE network, are water resistant, and the auto fall detection feature is available as an add-on. 

Medical Alert has an ‘On the Go’ mobile GPS-enabled option, so you can be located wherever you are in an emergency. With the push of the alert button on your bracelet or pendant, you will immediately connect to a 24/7 monitoring service and an emergency response specialist will get you the help you need or contact a loved one. This small, lightweight mobile alert device is also available with a fall detection pendant that can sense a fall even if you are unable to push your help button.

Custom home packages

Get Safe’s mission is to outfit your home with passive medical alert devices that don’t need to be worn. To ensure maximum coverage, packages are based on common living spaces. Their starter package comes with 24/7 monitoring, a 4G LTE base unit, a voice-activated wall button, and a standard wall button. This base package costs $99 for equipment and is $24.95 each month. 

Philips Lifeline has many options for a custom medical alert system package. The HomeSafe Standard personal alert button gives you fast access to a highly trained response associate, with the simple press of a button. Select from either a pendant style button, or a lightweight wristband. HomeSafe with AutoAlert gives you an added layer of protection. It can automatically send a signal to the Philips Lifeline Response Center if it detects a fall, which is important during a serious emergency. GoSafe 2 is the first all-in-one system from Philips Lifeline. This package provides coverage and support wherever you go—whether that’s to the supermarket, or in your home. It also has an automatic fall detection, AutoAlert, for an additional layer of protection. These packages range from $29.95 to $49.95 a month, based on complexity. 

In the car

Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Car Medical Alert device was the first of its kind. In 2019, it was a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology.

“Splitsecnd is a portable, affordable vehicle plug-in that combines crash detection, GPS capabilities, and two-way emergency communication into one compact device. The app allows you to keep up with your driver location status and gives peace of mind with destination arrival and boundary alerts,” said the Consumer Technology Association.

Smart watch

For those who don’t mind a wearable medical alert option, there are plenty of light weight, functional, and even fashionable devices. 

Meet the Freedom Guardian, which is a smartwatch designed for seniors who want a portable medical alert system. Not only does it function as a medical alarm in case of a fall, but you can also set reminders for medications or calendar events along with sending and receiving text messages. With text messaging, the device will send you the message and can read it aloud to you, as well as translate voice into text. One of the best parts is that the device looks similar to your average Apple Watch.

Whether you or a loved one is in need of a medical alert system in the home or you need assistance in your car and on the go, there is a customizable medical alert system that can keep up with you. 

Courtney Billions
Courtney Billions is a Content Developer at Med Alert Pros. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time reading mystery novels and watching the BBC channel. You can find Courtney on her porch swing with her nose in a book or at the theatre.

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