Philips Lifeline


Philips was the first company to provide seniors with medical alert systems in their homes. They offer constant and immediate support with a live person when you need it.

Philips Lifeline is committed to helping seniors live safe and independent lives. They do this by offering state-of-the-art technology, support in over 140 languages, and Response Associates who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have an emergency, your Response Associate will follow your personalized care plan by assessing your situation, identifying your location, and calling emergency service or someone from your provided list of contact.


  • Backed by the quality of the Philips brand
  • Company will install devices if needed
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Pill dispensing service option


  • GoSafe systems require AT&T wireless coverage
  • Higher costs than other providers
  • No discounts for advanced payments
  • No carbon monoxide or smoke detection


Philips is a pioneer in the medical alert industry. Philips Lifeline’s many options are reliable and built with state-of-the-art technology.

Don’t wait for someone to find you. Get help immediately with automatic fall detection.
Need help managing your medications? A system with a medication reminder can help you avoid missing doses.
Take your medical alert device everywhere you go, even in the shower where falls are common.
Philips Lifeline’s emergency response center is ready to answer your call within 12 seconds, 24/7.
Weekly tests will give you peace of mind knowing your system works properly.
Stay on track with your complex medication regimen with Philips Lifeline’s pill dispensing service.


L. Hanko
My mother has had Life Line for over 15 years. She has used it twice with immediate results. Every month, central monitoring contacts her to check the system out and see if she is OK, then they call me (as primary contact) to report her status. She is 94, lucid and healthy but with a mobility problem. She loves her Life Lock service, and so do I.
Donna Downing
I was referred to Lifeline by the owner of a company providing at-home services. I did my own research, an decided to go with Lifeline. That was four years ago. I have needed it a few times. I needed help from a few falls. I bumped it in the super market, and I got a prompt call asking if I needed help. I wish there were a way to merge the Medic Alert information and Lifeline.
I was taking out my trash when I lost my balance and fell. I tried to push the button but couldn’t do it. I didn’t realize that when I fell it went off. In a very short time I heard a siren. It was the paramedics, and my son had been called and was on the phone. I was taken to the hospital and was told I had a broken hip. Lifeline saved my life!



HomeSafe Standard HomeSafe with AutoAlert GoSafe GoSafe 2

$50 activation fee plus $29.95/month for landline and $41.95/month for cellular

$50 activation fee plus $44.95/month for landline and $56.95/month for cellular

$149 activation fee plus $54.95/month for landline and $64.95/month for cellular

$99.95 activation fee plus $44.95/month


24/7 response center, personalized response plan, affordable and flexible, uninterrupted support

24/7 response center, affordable and flexible, personalized response plan

24/7 response center, affordable and flexible, personalized response plan

affordable and flexible, 24/7 response center, personalized response plan


two-way voice communication, in-home communicator, wide range of operation, water resistant, worry-free battery, wearing options

autoalert fall detection, in-home communicator, two-way voice communication, worry-free battery, wide range of operation, water resistant

autoalert fall detection, two-way communication, 6 locating technologies, rechargeable battery, in-home communicator, water resistant

autoalert fall detection, two-way voice communication, 5 locating technologies, water resistant, rechargeable battery, all-in-one system

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