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As we age, our bodies become afflicted with conditions that make it hard to get around. But you don’t have to live with the fear of falling with no one around to help you. A medical alert system can safeguard your independence by putting you in direct contact with emergency responders should you need help. This life-saving button can be worn comfortably around the neck, wrist, or on the belt, and even activated through your smartphone.

Some medical alert devices may come with these important features:

  • GPS
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Backup battery life
  • Water resistance
  • Landline and cellular phone options
  • Wifi or 4G capabilities
Product Features | Mobility

Next Feature: Fall Detection


If you fall in your home, the last thing you need to do is wait around for someone to find you. Getting help soon can be the difference between minor and major injuries. Wearing a fall detection device can help you stay safe in your home and put you in contact with emergency responders if you fall. A fall detector can differentiate between normal movements and the movements typical with a fall.

Fall detectors may come with the following features:
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy call cancel
  • Water resistance
  • Immediate emergency response alert

Next Feature: Medication Reminder


Are you taking multiple medications to manage your illnesses? You’re not alone. In fact, the older you get, the more medications you might have to take. In 2013, seniors took an average 27 different medications to manage chronic and acute illnesses. For a small price, you can buy some peace of mind with a medical alert system that has a medication reminder and never forget to take your medication again.

Some medical alert systems with medication reminders come with the following:

  • Programmable alarm
  • Regular medication reminders
  • Monitors vitals
  • Water resistant
  • Can be worn around the neck, wrist, or on the belt
  • Connects to a smartphone
Product Feature | medication reminder

Next Feature: Two-Way Voice


If you fall in your home, you may not be able to reach a phone to call for help. Having a voice extender feature on your medial alert system can allow you to communicate with emergency responders through a 2-way speaker system without shouting and draining your energy. The wall-mounted button also offers peace of mind knowing your voice can reach the system, even in a multi-level home.

Most voice extenders offer these features:

  • Eliminates unnecessary shouting for voice clarity
  • 2-way conversation as speakerphone
  • Easy installation and wall mounting
  • Also available as table-top device
  • Eliminates unnecessary shouting for voice clarity
Product Feature | Voice Extender

Next Feature: Wall-Mounted Button


A wall-mounted button is one of the most popular features of a medical alert system. This button can be mounted anywhere in your home, even in showers where slips and falls are common. It can also be moved to different locations like near the bed, on a staircase, or anywhere you’re afraid a fall may occur. A wall-mounted button gives you safety no matter where you are in your home.

Most wall-mounted button systems offer these features:

  • Waterproof option for shower use
  • Easy installation and relocation
  • Long-lasting backup battery
  • Wireless setup
  • Long range reach to base unit

Next Feature: 24-hr Care


You never know when an emergency will occur. That’s why it’s important to have 24-hour care available no matter the time of day. A medical alert system provides 24-hour care at an affordable price to aid you in protecting your family and your possessions. In an emergency, a medical alert system offers immediate response to get you’re the help you need, no matter the situation or time of day.

Most medical alert systems offer these features:

  • Immediate response time
  • Top brand equipment
  • Assistance for fast dispatching
  • Highly trained emergency care specialists
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