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Senior Quarantine: How to Stay Healthy in a Pandemic

It is essential that you have a plan in place for yourself and your loved ones in case of an emergency. Being forced into quarantine or self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic is the perfect example.

Your plan should at least cover the basics. Make sure that you and your elderly family members have the supplies they need and tools to remain safe. You should also have a back-up plan in place in case you can not take care of yourself or your loved ones.


The majority of those who have been infected with COVID-19 have been experiencing mild respiratory illness and are able to recover on their own. However, older people who also have pre-existing conditions are at higher risk.

It is important that you are well informed and protect yourself and others from getting infected by practicing social distancing and being vigilant about your hygiene.

There is not a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 right now, but there are ongoing clinical trials, and a possible new vaccine will be available by the summer.

Maintain a daily routine

Getting out of your regular routine can cause problems in several areas of your life. You may notice a decline in your mental and physical health during such drastic changes like a pandemic. 

Even if you have to make changes, it is essential that you keep to some sort of daily routine. Keep yourself on a regular sleep schedule. Get out of bed in the morning and go to bed at a responsible time. When things start to phase back into normality, keeping with your rhythms  will make the process easier.

You should continue to eat your meals like usual and avoid eating because you are bored. While you are spending more time at home and probably not getting as much exercise, make sure that you are more conscious of the foods you are eating.

Medical alert systems

Now more than ever, you should consider a medical alert system. Whether you are a senior or someone younger, a medical alert system can help if you are to suffer an emergency like falling, fainting, or any other type of injury. 

When you are shopping for a medical alert system, there are two different types of systems to consider; cell and landline. Both cell or landline medical alert systems are openly available to anyone. In order to find the right type of medical alert system for your, you will need to determine which features will work best for your lifestyle, healthcare needs, and budget. 

Pick up orders

Even though grocery stores have designated shopping hours for the elderly and immunocompromised, you should avoid leaving your home if you can. If you have family or friends that can deliver your shopping to your doorstep, do not be afraid to ask.

Most stores offer online ordering with minimum interactions when picking up the order. There are also home delivery options available from most groceriesIf you do not have someone who can go to the store for you, ordering online may be your best option.

Social interactions

People are fundamentally social creatures, and during a crisis it is a natural feeling to want to seek out others for support. As far as mental health goes, being able to be social and connect with others is one of the biggest factors in being healthy.

Unfortunately, socialization is the opposite of what needs to happen during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to help yourself and your loved ones, stay social via phone calls, video calls, texts, and social media platforms.

Organize your home

Whether you are working from home or spending more time at home in your retirement, it is important that your home is organized, clean, and safe. 

Not only is it a good use of your time, but organizing your home can also make it safer and help you avoid any emergencies during lockdown. Sanitize your home and remove any cords or furniture that could cause you to fall.

If your home has some updates it needs or additional lighting, now is the time to invest the effort in fixing up those things.

Spend time outdoors

Spending time outside while also social distancing may be challenging depending on where you live. If you live in the city, it could be a challenge to spend time outside without running into other people. No matter where you live, it is possible to stay six feet away from others; but it could take some maneuvering.

Putting in the effort to spend time outdoors is important because it can significantly improve your mental and physical health. While getting fresh air, absorbing vitamin D from sunlight, and being around greenery can help your health, spending time outside can also help strengthen your immune system.

No matter your situation, it is crucial that you try to maintain your health and sanity while everyone comes together by temporarily staying away from one another.

Hannah Verret
Hannah Verret is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros in Memphis, TN. Hannah has been working in content creation throughout her entire adult career. When Hannah isn't writing or organizing social media posts, she's spending her time reading and loving on her many pets.

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