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Technology for Seniors: What Is Best for You?

Technology can play a huge role in senior safety. Whether you are worried about falling or getting turned around, there is an emergency device that can help the situation.

Adults who now have senior parents often worry about things like whether their parents have remembered their medications and if they are safe in their home alone. Emergency devices such as medical alert systems can help seniors remember their medications, detect falls, and track their location.

Medical alert systems are not the only technology available to aid senior safety. A variety of new technology is dedicated to giving older people more confidence in their ability to live alone, and it’s helping many families avoid hard decision like moving an aging parent from their home to a nursing facility.

Some of the “smart” technology for seniors includes sensors, voice activation, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity via mobile phones, smartphone monitoring apps, and sophisticated computers are making aging in place a viable option for an increasing number of people.

There has been a boom in new devices, as more people embrace the lifestyle choices they help offer. The following are some of the top options available.

Life Alert

Life Alert is the original medical alert system. They are often remembered by the line, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” from their commercials. Their device is a pendant or wristband that has a button to press in case of an emergency. They also have a smartphone app to pair with the device.


The MedMinder was designed with seniors that are taking several medications in mind. It is a digital pill dispenser that looks like a regular seven-day model. One type is locked until it’s time for medication; the other is unlocked. For those that are taking nearly 20 pills a day, staying on schedule and not forgetting doses can be difficult. 

If a senior is struggling to keep track of their medications, but is not ready to lose the independence of living alone, the MedMinder can bridge the gap.

A caregiver can fill the device with the proper medications, then go online to remotely program a schedule. In addition, the online portal can also show if the medication was taken at the proper time. The dispenser will flash and unlock when it’s pill time, then it beeps if the medicine is not taken. In the case that the medication has still not been taken, a prerecorded voice will remind them to take their medication. Finally, if the medication has still not been taken, they will receive a call and the caregiver gets either a text, call, or email.

Reminder Rosie

Reminder Rosie is a voice-activated clock that talks and will tell you to take your medicine at a certain time. While the clock is designed to remind seniors to take their medication, it is not limited to just medication reminders.

The clock can be personalized by having a family member record the message that the clock relays. The clock will continue to give reminders until the user either says “reminder off” or touches the clock.

Philips Lifeline With AutoAlert

The Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert is a personal help button that is used in the home and worn around the seniors neck or wrist. The emergency device can detect a fall and proceed to contact help.

The device has a  base station that is plugged into the wall. Sensors inside the button are connected wirelessly to the base station and can distinguish between a fall and other movements. If it senses a fall, you’re connected to the response center immediately.

This specific technology is designed for seniors that may need some extra help or security and are not ready to move or give up their independence yet.


MobileHelp is centered around an on-the-go mobile PERS device. It has GPS satellite location tracking that helps to monitor the location of the person with the device. In addition, MobileHelp has an in-home base station.

In order to use the emergency device, press the help button and a response team will seek medical help. It also calls and emails any family members that are listed on your account. The notification will include where you are, including the hospital that you are being transferred to.


Telikin is a simple and easy-to-use computer that offers video chat, photo sharing, email, and other popular features. The device is a touchscreen device that is easy to work. Telikin comes with its software fully installed and ready to go, so it is simple and quick to set up.

Connect America

Connect American puts a base station in the house of the senior and the PERS can call for help from a monitoring center. They have your health history on hand to inform any emergency officials of existing medical conditions the senior may have.

In addition to the home base station, they also offer a mobile PERS that seniors can use when traveling outside of the home. 


BeClose is a new technology for seniors that helps families and caregivers stay in touch with seniors. The device uses discreet wireless sensors placed in the home to track a loved one’s daily routine. 

Caregivers are able to check on them at any time using a private, secure web page. If there are any disruptions, remote caregivers will be alerted by phone, email, or text. Since everything is wireless, the system is easy to set up. All that is required is plugging in the base station and placing the battery operated sensors around the house.

Finding the right technology is all about research and testing the devices. Figure out the features that are important to you and the things you want from a company. Moving forward, you should be able to simplify your options and what will work best for your lifestyle and budget.

Hannah Verret
Hannah Verret is a Content Developer at Med-Alert Pros in Memphis, TN. Hannah has been working in content creation throughout her entire adult career. When Hannah isn't writing or organizing social media posts, she's spending her time reading and loving on her many pets.

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